Thankful Thursday… Liz talks friends…

So, I think I’ve introduced you to my friend Liz.  Another genealogy enthusiast and blogger.  She posted a very sweet blog that I heartily agree with… since I’m one of the other members of that group.  So, I thought I’d “repost” and echo her sentiments.

It really is an amazing group that I have truly enjoyed getting to know since we got it off the ground.  Liz mentions the escapades researching to solve mysteries.  (We even came up with a new term… forensic genealogy!)  One of the other things this group is great about is the enthusiasm and supportive personality it’s taken on.  The support, encouragement, and inspiration among the members is exactly what you want to see in a group.

So as I raise a proverbial glass to this astounding group, know that this group is willing and able to make a run at any brick wall or mystery you have.  I say that to also say that when it comes to questions asking me is as good as asking them!  They are my secret arsenal!!


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