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  1. Donna Creighton

    I have been trying to find information on my great grandmother, Fannie McDaniel Worsham. My grandfather, Charlie Monroe Worsham was the son of John H. Worsham his g grandfathers were, ( Young Stokes, Worsham, and Daniel Worsham).
    We can not find any info on John’s wife, Fannie McDaniel. We have been told that Fannie was a Native American, and that she worked for a doctor. The family was secretive about her and her background.
    My part of the Worsham family subsequently settled in Alabama and then Mississippi. I found the info that I have through census records. When it comes to information on Fannie, we reach a dead end.

  2. Amie

    I grew up in Doles – lived right down the road from Uncle Buddy. He used to walk up to the house and sit and talk with Daddy for hours. I loved listening to him talk about “the good ole days”! It broke my heart when he passed away – I wasn’t old enough to visit him in the hospital during regular hours, and Daddy was going to take me and sneak me in but Uncle Buddy passed away the day before we were able to go. (My daddy is Jack.)

    • I was almost 6 when Granddaddy Buddy passed away. I only got to meet him a couple of times since we lived in Montgomery – born and raised there. Nice to know how we’re connected, Amie!

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