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Family Photo

So week 8 of #52ancestors is family photos. I have or have seen or scanned or some combination of those several family photos. They range across my family lines. Across decades or centuries. Across generations. However, they don’t cross the Georgia state line for the most part.

The only exception is the ones from my great grandmother, Gunga as we called her. I have some from her that were taken when she and Granpa Toombs went to Havana, Cuba. One even notes they were staying at the Hotel Seville!

That said, I want to share this one and talk about the work I ended up doing with it.

The photo above is my Powell family. It was labeled on the back – “Brother”,”Powell Bro_”, Aunt Tince Powell Massey, Jack Powell, “Powell”, Molly Powell Massey, Caroline Mae Powell, “baby”, “child” and Elmore Massey.

It helped that I knew Jack and Caroline Powell were the parents of Molly and Tince. I also know that I’m decended from Elmore Massey and Molly. (Note, when Molly died he married Aunt Tince not long after.) Know those names and dates in general, I had some info to go on in order to fill in some of the specific names for the general ones on here.

I managed to find them in the 1900 Federal Census. So based on that record:

Back Row
Benjamin J.
Francis D.
David G.
Mary S.E.E. (Powell) Massey
Elmore Massey

Front Row
William B.
Jackson Powell
Minda D.
Francis C. (Caroline Mae?) Powell
Ida M.

This means that the baby Granma Molly has would most likely be Willie M. Massey and make this picture circa 1901/ 1902.

I managed to make pretty quick work of this search project because I had names. We’re not always that lucky with photos. A lot of being able to research without specific names is learning how to make a good guess at the ages of people in a photo. Are they 5 or 15 or 65? You can usually do just fine getting within about 5 or 10 years without much help. Then you can use clothing or surroundings for help figuring out a year. The clothes in this picture just seemed to fit about 1900.

If the photo is completely random and you have no names at all, that would make it difficult to identify the people in it, but you could get to at least a rough estimate of the year – which can help if you find other photos that are labeled!

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