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did you know? and what do you really know?

Okay, so first…

Go here… and check that out.

Then, go here… and check that out.

Did you know that?  Had you really even considered that?  I only sort of had.

Oh, you really should read this, too…

How many of your ancestors do you know?  What do you know about the ones you do know of?

Essentially, to wrap up what those links give you, is that you genetics are “shaped” like your family tree.  They branch out farther and farther as you go up with more and more people.  (Remember how everybody has two parents?  And those two parents have two parents…)  And you gets bits of your genes and DNA from all along the way.

I haven’t done the exercise and looked up how many I have in each generation back, but it’s interesting to know I have bits from all over the tree!


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“bucket list”: genealogy style…

So one of the things Ancestry Aces were asked about the other day is “what’s on our genealogy bucket list?”  I kind of had to think about this one in order to really come up with my answer.

1.  I guess the first thing on my list is to have it all verified.  Frankly, it’s virtually impossible to completely verify EV-ER-Y-THING.  I’d love to have documentation for it ALL going ALL the way back.  But I guess I’d really like to have Granpa Jack verified in the Civil War.  I just can’t definitively connect him to the records I’ve found that are most likely him.  I’m hoping to find some help to figure this out though!

2.  I’d like to find old homesteads or the like here in the U.S.  I’m not sure any homes are still standing, but I’d like to find at least the land and area they lived in.  I’ve managed to find some of the final resting places though, so it’s a start.

3.  I’ve love to visit the U.K.  I’d love to visit where my family came over from.  I mean, I’d need to verify it, but then I’d want to go to tho specific towns and places they were from and lived.

4.  My husband’s family came from France (Rodez) via Germany (Rhodt).  I’d love for us to be able to see those sites.  I have a feeling they have more left from the days his family was there and would love to get PLENTY of pictures in both places.

5.  I think I have it documented, but I’d have to check again.  I’ve found that one great grandmother’s father is a “gateway ancestor” for the Order of Charlemagne.  I’d love to visit a few of the abbeys and burial sites from some of them.  Particularly the one in Jerusalem.

6.  Okay, I’m throwing in a sixth one, because I’m already working on something along this line.  I want to print/ publish something.  Right now, I’m working on a photo album of sorts for my family on both sides.  It’d be cool to print up the while lineage and all, but I don’t know if I’ll do that… maybe whatever Ancestry offers.  I’m also working on my grandmother’s memoirs, so we’ll see how that turns out.  I’m really excited about that one!!

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