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Unusual Name

Week 3 of the 52 Ancestors challenge is an unusual name. Eliza Lucretia is probably the most interesting or unusual name I have in my tree.

Eliza Lucretia (“Lu” or “Lue”, Grandma Lu to me) Hobby is the daughter of Jesse Hobby and Eliza Amanda Simpson. She was born in Colquitt county, Georgia on February 9, 1877 and died in Worth county, Georgia on September 9, 1922. I managed to find her in every Federal Census for when she was living with the exception of the 1890 one that burned. I’d likely find that she lived in roughly the same area her whole life if I research the few counties, their histories, as well as the militia districts and towns she’s listed as living in.

Grandma Lu married John Collier Worsham sometime in 1895. Grandpa John’s parents were John “Jack” and Elizabeth (Johnson) Worsham. Grandma Lu and Granpa John’s fathers (Jesse and Jack, respectively) both fought in the Civil War as best I can tell – but that’s another story for another post. I do have a photo of them both together that’s also been edited to show them individually. (What I’ve posted below is not a very clear version.)

I think it’s Granpa Jesse on the left and Granpa Jack on the right.

Grandma Lu and Grandpa John, great great grandparents, had twelve children that I can find record of – which is plenty! Most of them were boys, including Thomas Edgar (“Granddaddy Buddy” as we called him), my great grandfather.

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So week 2 of #52ancestors with Amy Johnson Crow is on a challenge – or I guess challenges. Mine was an easy decision! I’ve written on him before, so feel free to “click pause” here and read what I wrote before about Granpa Jack.

So let me explain the challenge I’ve found with Granpa Jack. Namely, I can verify his Civil War involvement. By process of elimination, I think I’ve found the one that’s him in records (like from Fold3, etc.), but nothing outright tells me it’s him. There’s no wife, parent, or brother listed in the records for the Civil War that I can find. Now, I’ve been able to eliminate some of the others when I search for John Worsham by items I see in their records.

I’d have to double check again, but I think I found Civil War Pension records for him that do give enough information to believe it’s him. The problem with that is that I don’t think it actually says his unit, etc. This is probably what led me to the “process of elimination” I did.

The ladies at the Georgia State Archives research room are fantastic! One of the nice ladies introduced me to the Salt List. That’s the list of those who received salt during the war. Salt was still important in those days for preservation and probably other things we’ve forgotten since then. We found two ladies that were listed together that appear to be the wives of my Granpa Jack and his father. The challenge with this remains the same – little way to confirm the identity in order to confirm a match.

This is Granpa Jesse.

I need to look into his Civil War records more and verify them as well. At least I have him pretty well figured out – so long as I or others don’t confuse him with the OTHER Jesse Hobby in the Worth county area!

Back in September, I visited Chickamauga Battlefield. I saw a familiar Georgia unit mentioned and scurried back to the gift shop to find the book I saw that I own – Remembering Georgia’s Confederates. I knew it had this picture in it.

See that unit listed at the bottom, handwritten. That unit fought at Chickamauga and I either hadn’t ever known or forgot! I didn’t find the marker or anything while we were there but it brought on another challenge for myself before I visit any other Civil War sites.

I need to challenge myself to create a list compiling who I know was in what unit and where that unit fought before I go to any more Civil War battlefields or sites. Especially seeing as how I LIVE NEAR Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield!

So what are your genealogy challenges? What’s your challenge to yourself?

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So I don’t normally do long challenges like #52ancestors with Amy Johnson Crow but I’ve really been wanting to write more on genealogy – well, write in general.  These won’t be long but I intend to do all 52 – hopefully in the same week!

So my first I thought of was finding my grandparents in the 1940 census!  I can’t remember which one but I managed to find Grandmama, Granddaddy, and Tata – all three – before it was even indexed!  I was fortunate to know where they would have been in 1940 so it just meant going through some pages one by one.  Also fortunately, they lived in small towns so it wasn’t too many pages!  I also managed to find other family in nearby pages, so now I try to check at least a page or two before and after “the one”.  (So that’s my tip of the day, look at nearby pages even if you find “the one”!)

The 1950 Federal Census will be released in April of 2022.  If you look at the calendar online, it could be either Friday the 1st or Monday the 4th.  (And all the genealogists are praying for that Friday!)

So what’s a genealogy first for you?

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