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Brick Wall

So this week I want to talk about Granpa Jack. John Worsham. The son of Daniel Worsham.

His son John (Granpa John) married the daughter of Jesse Hobby (Granpa Jesse).

I’d be most interested in finding proof that Granpa Jack fought in the Civil War. But what I’ve found mostly has been his brothers. Like this picture below.

As best I can tell or know so far, all four of the oldest brothers fought in the war AND MADE IT HOME! (I’ve found descendants, including living ones.) And I can find things that link the brothers to the war, etc. But I just can’t find anything on Granpa Jack.

One of the biggest things I’ve done that helped was to use a website I found – I think just by searching Google? It’s the Soldiers and Sailors Database from the National Park Service. When you search “Worsham” under the Confederacy and Georgia, you get about seven Johns listed.

The information there and on Fold3 helped me pick a “best guess” of which one he was and find out a bit more. I’m still stuck behind a brick wall of sorts without something to give me more if an idea it’s him for sure though.

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