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“I remember, Mama”

I think everybody has some sort of “I remember exactly where I was when xyz happened” story.  Often this is a MAJOR event… when JFK was assassinated, when the Cold War ended/ the Berlin Wall came down, when the Challenger exploded, when we landed on the moon.

September 11, 2001 is another on of those days for those of us who were alive on that day. We won’t forget.

I was teaching at Prattville Christian Academy that school year.  I got to work around 7:30 as usual.  I think I might have had hall duty that morning, but I don’t remember.  Everything was normal for my whole first period class.  They were my 6th graders.  I was teaching them Grammar that class period.  The bell rang and it was time for my planning period.  I gathered my things to leave for the teacher borrowing my room for her 10th grade math class.

I walked into the front office and it all changed.

The ladies at our front desk (and a couple of others) were all talking and concerned.  One of them told me that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers.  I was shocked and in disbelief.  I think that was about the time either the other tower was hit or it had just been hit then, too.  I remember, while I was standing there trying to understand what was happening, one of them said the Pentagon had been hit.

Oh wow…

Uncle Bill used to work there…

Or did he still work there… *a mild panic set in*

I quickly set my stuff down and went back in my classroom and retrieved my cell phone.  I called my mother to ask if her brother, my Uncle Bill, still worked or was back working or whatever at the Pentagon.  She said no, he was fine.  And that was all I needed to know.

We opted not to say anything formally to the students about what had happened, at least the ones that were younger and didn’t already know.  Several of our students were the children of military parents who would have been concerned.  I remember one of my 7th graders had been told or found out and was very concerned for his father who was in the Air Force.

I also remember I left early that day for a funeral.  I’d already made arrangements for a sub for my class.  I was very touched and appreciated that the Mills asked that we have a moment of silence at the graveside for those who had died earlier that morning when the tower’s collapsed.

It was a sunny day in Montgomery… I think I had my sunglasses on while we were at the graveside.

I remember calling and talking to my friend Jennifer.  I think I was checking on her dad?  He was fine, but stuck on base for a while.  I remember the weird story she told me from that morning, but I’ll leave that for her to tell.

So yes, I remember… and probably always will.  But I’m writing this here to record it… “forever”.  I don’t want to forget or have it forgotten.  And I encourage *YOU* to write and share your own story of that day… or any other events in your life that need to be remembered.

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