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“Who Do You Think You Are?”

I am TOTALLY excited about the new season of “Who Do You Think You Are?” starting tomorrow night on TLC!  It’s airing at 9PM Eastern and I’d really encourage you to tune in and see what they find out.  Tomorrow night starts with Kelly Clarkson.  (Psst, I notice the last name Rose and Ohio Civil War record in her preview…  🙂  )  It looks like Christina Applegate is up next.  Check out this article for more names.

So, why do I watch this.  First, because I love following their journey and excited in finding out their own family history.  I know how it excites me to find that one more document or another piece of information.  Second, you learn a bit about our country’s history.  Part of their family history is U.S. history as well.  Why did someone’s grandfather up and move to California? (Was it the gold rush?)  Why did they move one state over?  (Was it a land grant or lottery?)  Part of it is the world history as well.  Not everyone’s family has been here for decades or centuries.  Why did they come?  (My husband’s family were French Huguenots as best we can tell who left and went to Germany and came from there to America.  Religious reasons?)  Another reason is the tricks of the trade.  It’s interesting to see the actual documents they find and to find out what else is out there that I haven’t even run across yet in my searching.  (Did you know about the Salt Lists from the Civil War?  Yep, found Georgia ones with family listed!)

You’d be surprised what they learn and where they go in search of information.  What would YOU like to learn?  Tune in and see if you can find out more from them, too!



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Wishum/ Worsham line…

So one of the things I want to do is introduce you to some of my ancestors.  This week, I want to just give you a line – my dad’s going straight back as best I can.  Well, here goes…

Helen Wishum (myself)

Roxy Wishum (living)

Nolan Wishum (deceased)

Thomas Edgar Wishum (1897-1982)

John Collier Worsham  (1872-1940)(often listed as John William Wishum in later days)

John “Jack” Worsham (1838-1931)

Daniel Worsham (1814-1891)(this is where I start losing my confidence, to be honest)

Daniel B. Worsham (1791-1835)

David Worsham (1765-1815)

Henry Worsham (1740-1795)

Charles Worsham II (1687-1735)

Charles Worsham I (1660-1729)

John William Worsham (1625-1660)

John William Worsham (1594-1660)

William Worsham (1552-1661)

On these guys, I think I have the dates “right” for the most part, some of the wives I’m not so sure.  My intention over the next weeks is to now give you more of what I know about these gentlemen.  In the meantime, let me know what you’d like to hear!!  Later I’m liable to come back and do the same for my mother’s side…


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