“Granddaddy Buddy”


In the middle of this photo wearing a hat is my Granddaddy Buddy.  Well, he’s actually my great grandfather on my father’s side.  The little girl on the far left is Mamie Lee (Wishum) Britt.  Granma Lou (Eliza Lucretia Hobby) is holding (Elbert) Julian.  Standing in front of Granddaddy Buddy (Thomas Edgar Wishum) is Lester Ree (Wishum)(Whiddon) Ford.  Granpa John (Collier Worsham, later John William Worsham) is holding Johnny Jackson (Wishum).  The older boy in the back is (James) Ambros Wishum, who is standing behind Essie Vee (Wishum) Branch.  Based on the look of the ages of Julian and Johnny Jackson, this photo is circa 1916.

Granddaddy Buddy was born July 28, 1897 in Worth county, Georgia, to John Collier Worsham and Eliza Lucretia (Hobby) Worsham.  He was the second oldest of 12 children.  His only older sibling was Ambros.  After him, in order, was Jessie Ivey, Susie Mae, Lillie Pearl, Mamie Lee, Essie Vee, Johnny Jackson, Lester Ree, Ollie Dyce, Elbert Julian, and John William.

Worsham family

This photo needs cropping!  🙂

In the 1900 Federal Census record, he’s listed as two years old living in Militia District 1044, Worth, Georgia.  In the 1910 Federal Census record, he’s listed as thirteen and still in Militia District 1044, Worth, Georgia.  (Notice that his birthday probably explains the one year discrepancy with the age.)  In the 1920 Federal Census, he’s listed as twenty-two and single living with his parents in Doles, Worth, Georgia.  The 1930 Federal Census lists him as married to “Lizzie” with two children, “L E” and “Mary L”.  Granma Lizzie was Mary Lizzie (Elizabeth?) Massey.  She’s the daughter of Newton Elmore II and Mollie (nee Powell) Massey.  If you look at the rest of the page, you’ll notice that he’s listed right above his father and siblings, meaning they lived next door.  My guess is that the land was a wedding present or the like.  You’ll also notice elsewhere on the page the last names Hobby and Whiddon, also elsewhere in the family tree.  In the 1940 Federal Census, the most recent one released, he’s listed as married to Lizzie (“Lenie” as it’s transcribed) with three children (“Elie”, which should be L.E., Mary Lou, and “Nolen”, who’s relation is not actually listed).  This is the first Federal Census record that my grandfather, Nolan, is listed on after his birth.  The only notable names on the page with Granddaddy Buddy and his family is Dice (Morris Franklin) and Kate (Arrie Katherine, nee Furney) Hobby.  Dice would have been Granddaddy Buddy’s uncle, Granma Lou’s brother.

Granddaddy Buddy passed away January 2, 1982.  I remember meeting him a few times before he passed away, but I was 6.5 when he died and don’t remember much.  I do remember the overalls he wore, Daddy says all the time!  I asked Daddy once if Granddaddy even owned a suit.  Probably not, he didn’t go to church much that Daddy remembered.  Which makes sense in another way.  Granddaddy Buddy and several Worshams are buried in Providence Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.  When Anthony and I went to find and visit the grave sites there, I noticed the church sign.  They only met a few times a month.  Here’s a picture of the sign:

Providence Primitive Baptist Church

The line under the meeting times says Elder Walter Todd, Pator.  Below that indicates that it was “constituted 1860”.  There are several family members buried here which hazards a guess that they were members at this congregation at some point.  I don’t recall having run across records of the “consituting” and charter members or any member lists, but I’m not sure that I’ve searched as of yet.  Next on the list??



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  1. Dad writes: Good work, Helen. A couple of observations; “next door” as listed on the census meant something altogether different in Doles than in the city. The next door could be a good ways down the dirt road. Also, most of the family were not members at Providence, there just were not many cemeteries around. Many of the little country churches had to rely on “circuit rider” preachers that came around every couple weeks or so. The little Church of Christ in Doles counted on men from Albany to come out and preach which meant, at times, having services in mid-to-late afternoon. It was such a different world. It is hard to imagine the world Grandaddy Buddy grew up in–before anybody had a car–and hauling trees out of the woods on mule-drawn wagons. We take electricity and running water for granted, but it was not that long ago that these were not available to many.

  2. This is from the family genealogy website that I found.

    1.4.3B.5.2. Thomas Edgar Wishum “Tom” b 28 Jul 1897 Worth, GA & d Jan 1982 Worth, GA & bur Providence Church Cem, Worth, GA. He had brown eyes & black hair. In 1918 he worked for his father. He m 9 Jul 1922 Mary Lizzie Massey b 14 Apr 1903 & d Nov 1974 Worth, GA & bur Providence Church Cem, Worth, GA. (See 1.3.3A.4.2 pg 748 & 1.3.4A.4.2 pg 751) In the photo are: Front row: Lola Irene Whiddon Wishum, Mary Lizzi Massey Wishum (Thomas Edgar’s wife), Mary Lou (their daughter), Alvin Calhoun, Mary Lou’s husband. Back row: Betty Castleberry Wishum, Vivian Annette Wishum Castleberry, Johnnie Jackson Wishum, Pearl Marie Wishum Calhoun, Harris Calhoun, Louise Calhoun (Harris’ sister), Thomas Edgar (Uncle Buddy). Pearl Marie is Betty’s daughter and married the son of Alvin and Mary Lou Calhoun (Harris) Photo courtesy Wesley Bert Castleberry, 2006, see http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/c/a/s/Wesley-B-Castleberry/) Children: 1.4.3B.5.2.1. Leon E. Wishum m Betty Jene Langley. Children: Theresa Lynn Wishum, Leon Gene Wishum. 1.4.3B.5.2.2. Mary Lue Wishum m Alvin Moise Calhoun 1.4.3B.5.2.3. Nolan Russell Wishum b 10 May 1931 Worth Co, GA & d. 27 Aug 1999 of Americus, Sumter, GA. Nolan m Helen Geneva Waters. Children: Roxy Russell Wishum, Keith Wishum. (Keith Wishum, 2006) 1.4.3B.5.2.4. Lavern Wishum m Clifton Singley.

  3. Steven Mott, Jr.

    My great grandma was Essie V Wishum so that makes us related

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