Wishum/ Worsham line…

So one of the things I want to do is introduce you to some of my ancestors.  This week, I want to just give you a line – my dad’s going straight back as best I can.  Well, here goes…

Helen Wishum (myself)

Roxy Wishum (living)

Nolan Wishum (deceased)

Thomas Edgar Wishum (1897-1982)

John Collier Worsham  (1872-1940)(often listed as John William Wishum in later days)

John “Jack” Worsham (1838-1931)

Daniel Worsham (1814-1891)(this is where I start losing my confidence, to be honest)

Daniel B. Worsham (1791-1835)

David Worsham (1765-1815)

Henry Worsham (1740-1795)

Charles Worsham II (1687-1735)

Charles Worsham I (1660-1729)

John William Worsham (1625-1660)

John William Worsham (1594-1660)

William Worsham (1552-1661)

On these guys, I think I have the dates “right” for the most part, some of the wives I’m not so sure.  My intention over the next weeks is to now give you more of what I know about these gentlemen.  In the meantime, let me know what you’d like to hear!!  Later I’m liable to come back and do the same for my mother’s side…



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6 responses to “Wishum/ Worsham line…

  1. Donna Creighton

    Does anyone know if and how Charles Monroe Worsham is related to these Worshams? He dies in 1982 in Bolivar County, MS. His father was John Henry Worsham.

  2. Unfortunately, I just found out the website I usually use for reference to help with information like this has been let go and not renewed. I would suggest trying either finding a tree on Ancestry.com that can help or the page on Facebook titled Worsham and Washam Family History. Your public library can probably do an inter-library loan (ILL) for the Worsham and Washam Family History book that was written by Dorothy Tuttle and Larry Washam. Larry is a phenomenal help in locating connections and information, so the Facebook page he runs is probably your quickest bet. I’m actually going to go ahead and post this question there.

  3. Just got a reply…

    “They are connected I have both family lines connect at
    Charles Worsham
    Birth ABT 1660 in Henrico, VA
    Death 1712 in Henrico, VA”

    So evidently I have his death date wrong! 🙂 ((go figure!!))

  4. Donna Creighton

    Thanks for your reply. My mother said that his mother was named Hattie McDaniels and she was full blooded “Indian”. He and his family ended up in Gunnison, MS. We think they were also in Cherokee, AL for a time. I found a census that listed he and his dad coming from Dixon, AL to Iuka, MS. I could not find Dixon AL on a current map, but I did find Dixon Mills, AL.
    I have noticed the common name Charles, Charlies, Monroe, John, and Elizabeth throughout the Worsham names. Interesting enough, my mother and her siblings were given many of those names.

  5. Donna Creighton

    My great-grandmother’s name would have been Fannie McDaniel, not Hattie. We cannot locate much information about her as she was Indian, and more than likely took another name.

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