“Aunt Donna started it!!!”

No, really.  My Aunt Donna’s the one who started the whole genealogy thing in my family.  Way back when I was little, I remember her getting a frame family tree.  It was so very pretty with all the names in the actual “shape” of a tree and everything.

My mom’s side of the family (Aunt Donna is her sister) has always been more into family history and the likes.  So I never really knew much at all about my dad’s side.  Don’t get me wrong, I grew up knowing both of my families.  (Granpa, my mom’s dad, was a bit of an exception, but that’s another story.)  I knew my grandparents’ names, and even some of their siblings and my great grandparents’ names.

But I really started wondering.  Where did we come from?  Had we always been in Georgia?  I think that’s really why I got started doing my father’s genealogy.  I was curious to get some idea of who they were and where they came from.

Turns out, it looks like we’re pretty all-American.  From what I can tell, we came from England to Virginia in about 1620.  Sometime before the Civil War, they moved to Georgia and have pretty much been there ever since.  Well, up until my dad, that is.  I’ve also managed to do some work on my paternal grandmother’s side as well.  Turns out, they were in Alabama at one point!  It’s been nice using some census records and “random” family trees to fill it all in.

The digging has been such fun that I’ve started doing it for others.  I’ve worked on my husbands, both sides.  And I’ve done a few coworkers and friends.  I think it’s the “thrill of the hunt” for all the names and dates that’s so exciting and captivating for me!



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4 responses to ““Aunt Donna started it!!!”

  1. I am glad you have a passion for this research. It can be very helpful for those who want to know but do not have the time or resources. I hope you become the best in the country!

  2. I love the post title. Very catchy!

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